Water Light PC Speakers

UGX 50,000

Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you enjoy special effects, lights and novelty gadgets? These truly entertaining speakers will make you enjoy your music even more with a water and colourful lights show!

These generated water fountains dance in sync to every different beat and thanks to the four different vivid colours, you will see your tunes come alive. You will love them and so will your friends and family. The Colour LED USB Dancing Water Speakers pump out a fantastic beat. There are 4 nozzles squirting water up in time with the beat and to light up the party, there are four LED lights, illuminating the water streams.

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Product Description

• Stunning dancing visual water display

• Powered entirely by USB port, no mains connection

• Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm earphone output

• Great novelty gift idea

• Entertaining light show

• Perfect equipment for a party

• Powerful sound output

• Made of great quality materials

• Simple plug and play connectivity

• Hi-Fi stereo

• Built in amplifier

• 6W total power

• Available in white, silver or black
• Speakers diameter: 33mm

• Output power: 3Wx2

• Port type: USB A male to mini 5 pin & 3.5mm audio joint

• Operating Voltage: DC5V~4.5V

• Weight: 274g±5g

• Working current: 280~600mA