A Pair of walkie talkies


Keep in touch at a great distance of up to 5Miles with these Walkie Takies.

22-channel FRS/GMRS 2-way radios,

They  feature call alert to notify you of incoming calls and battery-saver circuitry for extended use.

Condition: New.

UGX 300,000 UGX 240,000

22 channelsInclude 7 FRS/GMRS, 7 FRS and 8 GMRS, plus 10 NOAA channels for weather and emergency information.

Call alertClearly lets you know when a call comes in.

Auto squelchShuts out weak transmissions or unwanted terrain noise. Roger beep tone indicates the end of a transmission for clear back-and-forth communication.

Battery-saver circuitryAutomatically switches to battery-saver mode after 10 seconds of silence for extended use.

Belt clipHelps you keep the radio secure while on the go.

Headphone jackEnables private listening.

Micro-USB charging cableWith 2 connectors allows you to charge both radios simultaneously.

FCC license required to operate on GMRS channels